Neotech Classic Strap™ 2-Hacken

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Neotech Classic Strap™ 2-Hacken


  • Fits many instruments including: saxophone, clarinet,
    orenglish horn, bassoon and oboe
  • Internal control-stretch system with bound edges
  • Available with 2 plastic-covered metal hooks
  • Made in the USA

Classic Strap™ 2-Hook is ideal for the bass clarinet with two connection points; however, it's also great for the performer who wants added security with a 2-hook system. The unique slides hold the desired length while offering easy, two-finger adjustment capabilities. The neoprene evenly distributes the weight while the internal system absorbs the shock of your movements normally felt in the neck and shoulders. Classic Strap™ minimizes the strap movement while maximizing the comfort. Comfort and Class-what a duo!

Approximate Sizes

  • Fully adjustable: approx. 16.5" - 22"

Measured from the back of the neck to the bottom of the hooks with both hooks held together at the same level. Increased adjustment is possible with the hooks at different levels.

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